Practice Makes Peace

Last week, a thought occurred to me: The only peace we can receive is the peace we give to ourselves. I was specifically thinking about the peace we feel when the counters are clear and everything is in its place. Some objects may need a new dedicated area to live, whether in a drawer or out the door. Clutter stops the energy flow and creates exhaustion and stagnation in your space. By freeing ourselves of unnecessary clutter, we allow free-flowing energy attracting health, wealth, love, and overall abundance. I’ve found that how I care for my belongings is a direct reflection and indicator of how I’m currently caring for myself.

Pro Tip:

Take a moment this week to observe how one cluttery area in your home or office feels to you (your handbag might be a great place to start). Quickly sort like with like and notice the patterns of things that have collected there. Ask: What would be better? See what comes to you. Leave your intellect and ego behind and just tackle that small space, don’t you deserve some peace?

Smith’s Pick of the Week:

jewelry before.png

White Glass Stackers Jewelry Box

This summer I sorted through all of my jewelry “areas” that had been starting to feel jumbled and not functional. I gathered everything and upscaled the home for my baubles in this classic convertible and vertical jewelry box. Having this gorgeous new adaptable storage forced me to decide if the broken beaded necklace I’ll never wear again deserved to live in such a lovely environment.

Becky LinotComment