Boundaries Rule

Everyone accepts the idea of a junk drawer, but why do we torture ourselves spending ten minutes detangling charging cords? We have this so called junk drawer so we can grab items for ease at our fingertips quickly.

There's nothing easy about digging through a pile of random stuff in search of a desperately needed AAA battery only to find that someone threw their dead batteries in there too. When we take a moment to inspect the contents, we can then divide and conquer to truly understand what is in the drawer. Check out this week’s Pro Tip to tackle it yourself:

Pro Tip: Junk Drawer

  1. Empty the contents of the drawer onto an open area

  2. Sort the contents into like-with-like piles (pens/pencils/charging cords/rubber bands/keys)

  3. Evaluate the contents and decide what should be kept or disposed of properly

  4. Determine the size and shape of remaining contents to take inventory of what you currently could use to help store and organize (ramekin, trays, old tupperware). Try out this new organization for a month to see if it works for you.

  5. Resist the urge to purchase new dividers. Don’t skip step 4.

  6. After finding what works best for you and your drawer, measure for the storage you need. My go to pick are the bamboo stackable drawer organizers found in my Smith’s Pick of the Week!

Smith’s Pick of the Week:

Bamboo Stackable Drawer Organizers

I love these as they work in almost every drawer with multiple sizes that coordinate well and adapt to your needs.