Are You Really Open to Change?

When I started this business back in 2013, I noticed that paper was one of my personal struggles. I had a million half used notebooks and lots and lots of post-it notes. My solution? Scanning notes into the Evernote app and I invested in a Livescribe pen and notebooks, allowing me upload all of the notebook pages into the cloud. 

A few years ago, I wanted to simplify again and the Apple Pencil together with the iPad Pro was a great step up from Livescribe saving me from having to upload the content. The goal of the iPad was to replace my laptop, allowing me to have only on computer device. It seemed like a perfect solution.

Last year, it became clear that only using an iPad as my main computer wasn’t realistic for my needs and I ended up getting a laptop again.

What did this mean?  Was I wrong for not sticking with Livescribe?  Was I “wasting” money on the next big thing? It would be quite easy for me to look at buying any of these items as a waste, tuck them away shamefully, and be angry at myself for not “knowing better”. 

Pro Tip:

Instead of wasting your energy feeling bad or reprimanding yourself for the “poor choices” you’ve made in the past, reframe this idea and accept that you’re constantly growing and changing whether you notice or not. Approach this idea with curiosity and excitement! 

  • Identify a small area you wish to clear out

  • Start making piles of like-with-like.

  • Like an archeologist, study these items and determine without emotional attachment, and with no regard of the money spent, if they are useful to you NOW.

  • Unless you have experience in selling items online or through consignment, plan to donate what would be helpful or useful to someone else.

  • Once you have reorganized your space, leave room for what you are calling in to your life.

What are you holding onto that could help someone in need? Please share in the comments!

Smith’s Pick of the Week


The story behind this item is why I tell people to experiment and measure before they buy organizing items. I do a lot of virtual calls with clients and my team and I like to raise my laptop up so I’m able to have space for my iPad to take notes. I was using what I had, a wooden lidded box stacked on top of a file box. It was janky at best, but once I knew this configuration was good, I then looked for something more aesthetically pleasing with those approximate dimensions.

In addition, I had some crystals and a plant on my desk and the whole space started to feel cluttered.  I love the slots that allow me to store my laptop when I’m not using it and I now my plant and crystals live on top when I’m not on my calls. This piece is versatile as well. It can stand upright on a surface and also has holes to hang on a wall as well.

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