Sweater Weather

As much as I enjoy summer, fall is truly the season that inspires me to make one finally push towards all of my 2019 goals. I feel invigorated and excited by the nip in the air because it means it's time to pull out my favorite sweaters. Keep reading to learn how I keep my sweaters in great shape.

Pro Tip

Many of the people I work with have an abundance of sweaters. They not only take up a lot of room, the decisions to keep them are usually based on a quick glance rather than fully assessing the sweaters current state. When we rely on our memory of things, we typically glorify it as the shining example it once was, rather than the potentially stretched out, pilled up or damaged version it actually is. Now’s the perfect time to take a look at your sweaters and up your maintenance game.

  • Gather all of your sweaters, put them on your bed and sort by color. 

  • Take a good look at the volume they take up. 

  • Give some thought to how often you wear sweaters in the cooler weather. 

  • Try on every single sweater and take a good look in the mirror. Need help? Invite a dear friend over or even do a FaceTime call.  Which styles and colors looks best on you? I promise, not all beautiful sweaters are flattering on the body. Get rid of the ones that are “just ok” regardless of what you paid.

  • Do any have stains or damage that really can’t be repaired? Those can be recycled at H&M or Zara.

  • For those that you love but don’t look as fresh because they are pilled, set them aside, and check out this weeks Smith’s Pick.

If you are having trouble getting inspired to do this, imagine the time you will save in the morning when you know all of your sweaters fit, look good and are easy to find.

Smith's Pick of the week


While I’m not a gadget girl by nature, I do love a good tool that accomplishes what it promises. Once you’ve pared down your sweater collection, set aside an hour to de-pill your favorite cozy cardigans and sexy v-necks with the Gleener and be astounded by how brand new they look again!