It’s about time

Happy October! A couple of weeks ago, I shared about the importance of being vulnerable to make progress in our lives, which got me thinking about the most crucial element in getting things done: Time.

The most common excuse I hear from people who aren’t organized is that they don’t have time to do it. My perspective is that time is wasted by not getting organized. It’s estimated that some spend up to a year of their lives looking for misplaced items. Maybe that’s where all of the time is going.

Time is also on my mind is because two weeks ago, my sister-in-law and I decided to hold each other accountable in setting up schedules for our busy lives. I was starting to feel completely overwhelmed by all that had to be done for my book. I was stressing myself out trying to figure out how could I accomplish it all. My concerns were that I would let busywork keep me from doing the necessary tasks to bring my book to completion.

I learned quickly that putting everything down on paper and scheduling it made a huge impact. When I saw the list of things I was trying to manage in my brain, it was no wonder I was stressed out. I could now see it, I didn’t have to think about it anymore. The pressure lifted. My accountability partner allowed me to talk it out and really work this system. We check in twice a week, talk about our plans and cheer each other on along the way.

I’m sure it’s obvious that I really don’t have a problem getting things done, but where I do need help is making space for the stuff I want to do for me: the projects I don’t get paid for: the non-work, filling of my tank and being creative just for the sake of it. I have been “wanting” to make time to paint for a long time, but I never put it on the calendar. Even when I started this new scheduling plan, I had put all of my tasks as appointments except for: workout for 30 minutes and paint. I noted those on the side to “fit in” when there was “time”.

But that’s it, we have to CHOOSE the time to do these things we say are important to us. Rather than wondering why I was resisting, I just sat down one night and painted this fox in the snow:


Why did I paint it? No reason. And it was an amazing experience! I was in the zone. It was freeing and super healthy time away from my phone and computer.

What’s on your list that you never make time for? Isn’t it about time you scheduled it? Who can you ask to hold you accountable? Please share with us in the comments.

If you are struggling with scheduling time to get organized, I have a few spots opening up this fall for my virtual coaching program. Schedule a call with me to talk about what you’re struggling with and we can see whether this is a good fit for you to finally tackle that area.