Watch your auto-pilot

Recently, it occurred to me that it’s not experts who write books. I mean, yes, there are experts who do write books, but the journey I’ve been on over the past year, especially during the editing process, has shown me how writing a book makes you an expert.  I know my content inside-out. I know exactly what I mean when I express an idea, including the backstory and future of that experience. It’s fascinating. At times, I can’t shut up about it and I can rarely get out of analyze mode during my everyday travels.

Last week, I went to visit my mom in Vermont. As I was walking to my gate in Terminal 5, it was as if I was seeing clearly what was going on for the first time. Mindset and awareness are pretty big topics in Consciously Creating Clear Space and all of a sudden, all of these shops in the terminal seemed like big welcoming arms to those in a vulnerable state.

Hear me out.

Our emotions play a big role in our purchases. Shopping is usually the culprit for those who are overwhelmed by their clutter. I started to think about the number of people who are traveling who are:

  • fearful of the the very idea of flying

  • anxious about visiting family

  • have a big work presentation

  • stranded at the airport

These can all be triggers and “stuff” is plentiful and appealing in these malls that we now fly out of. There are also the folks who are just ready to spend their vacation dollars too.

On this particular trip, I recognized that I used to have an “airport pattern” before I gave up sugar. I would find the snacks that I would “treat” myself to and all of other stuff I would end up buying to keep the high going.


I’m a voyeur. I can’t help it. I still find myself looking. Rather than shaming myself, my strategy is to take a photo of what I find appealing. Like this journal I spotted from three stores away. The colors drew me in. And then, when I saw they were unicorns?!? Forget it. The Soul Camper inside of me was smitten. But . . . I have many, many unfinished and unused journals at home. I’m not allowing myself to purchase any new ones until those are used up. So I took a photo of it, and you know what? My life is no different without it. Had I purchased it, the thrill would be long gone by now and I’d have more stuff in my home. Looking at the photo, I can recall that fun memory so clearly.

I challenge you, for the rest of the week give it a try. Any impulse purchase that speaks to you, take a photo, and let the rush pass. Please share what your were drawn to and any emotions that you connected to it. It’s an easy way to start understanding your habits. If you are too shy to share publicly, please feel free to email me: