Grateful Practice

Today I am flying to the final Soul Camp West which is taking place in Sanger, CA. Although it’s bittersweet, the timing is perfect. I need a dose of nature and rest to counteract the last few busy months.

This month has been filled with wonderful new clients along with revisiting clients that I’ve worked with for years. I’ve never had so many active projects at once. While each client has vastly different needs, I’m grateful to be mapping out each day the night before. I cannot tell you how much comfort and clarity this offers me. As I have been intending the outcomes I expect, without any effort, things have shifted to allow my days to flow smoothly. There were many wild cards this week that could have turned everything upside down, but instead, it was all ease and flow, just how I like it.

Over the summer, I came up with a couple of non-negotiable daily practices: meditation and gratitude. I can clearly see the direct connection between the things I am appreciating and the way my days are coming together. This is what encourages me to continue with this practice, even when some days I only have time to do it on the subway.

I won’t pretend that I love sitting down to meditate. It’s a definite choice and there is resistance almost every morning. It’s kind of like eating vegetables. I know they are good for me, but sometimes the easier road calls. My phone beckons me to check my email, texts and social media. I’ve now taken notice that the days when I start with electronics first thing in the morning, things go downhill quickly.

This week’s tip is for those of you who may be struggling to get organized and just need the proper motivation. Try this on: for the rest of the week, write daily gratitude of how your space feels now that it is in order. Come from the perspective of it already being done and the benefits you have received from being more organized. These feelings will start to seep into your subconscious and you will begin to see ways to create order and make time to transform your space.

How would you like your space to feel? Please share in the comments!

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