Room with a View Pt 2

While Clear Space primarily focuses on creating systems and space, there are times when our styling services are needed to help a client who doesn’t know where to begin. I love being a part of the process of sourcing furniture because, for the most part, it’s easy to fall in love with impractical furniture. Any piece you see in a minimalist catalog or website has you dreaming of living a different life. But if you have any stuff, and most of us do, we have to make sure that certain pieces do triple duty: look beautiful, feel comfortable and have hidden storage.

The easiest part about this project was that we had a glorious view as the centerpiece and our goal was to create a beautiful space that allowed the NYC to be the focal point while making my client feel comfortable and not cramped. I advised my client to spend more of her budget on the living room as it was such an impactful part of the space. I’m a believer in mixing and matching price points as long as you know where to spend and where to save.

The highlight for me was upon finishing our work together, my client exclaimed, I have room leftover! With proper planning and understanding your needs and your inventory, it’s quite simple to set up a super functional and efficient home.

Click here to all the photos of the fun transformation.

smith sign.png
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