Essential Focus: Oregano

Today I’m highlighting a powerhouse of the essential oil world, Oregano. It is one of the stronger oils out there and needs to be used with heavy dilution of a carrier oil in order to prevent skin irritation when applying it.

In addition to being a popular cooking spice, Oregano also supports healthy digestion and respiratory function when taken internally.

I’ve mentioned before that I haven’t been sick with a cold or flu since I began using essential oils over three years ago. Oregano is one of the oils I rely on most when I’m traveling or even when I have a twinge of a sore throat. Because it runs the risk of making you smell like a pizza, I tend to roll it on to the bottoms of my feet before I fly. Sometimes I blend it with On Guard during flu season as well. When I’m home, if I feel a little run down, I will roll it onto my throat and inhale from my hands before I go to bed.


A 2012 study reported by The New York Times mentioned that commercial chicken farms have begun to use cinnamon oil and oregano oil for chickens. Their natural antibiotic properties serve as an alternative to conventional antibiotics which is good news for anyone who eats chicken.

This beautiful oil is also easily used on surfaces as a powerful cleansing and purifying agent. Simply add 10 drops to a glass spray bottle, et voila!

What are your best tips for staying healthy in the winter? I’d love to hear, please share in the comments!

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