Why You're Holding on to Stuff..

Recently, I was talking with a friend about her weight-loss endeavors. She had moved from California about two years ago and had brought a large amount of clothing with her--most of which, she admitted, no longer fit her. They were all folded in a garbage under her bed, where she was saving them for when she finally lost all the weight.

This clothing hadn't been worn in almost three years but still took up a lot of space in her home, and in her head. She is much closer to where she wants to be, weight-wise, but she is still on a long journey. I asked her why she didn't get rid of the clothing, and she answered honestly,

"Because I am afraid that I get rid of the clothes, that means I quit on myself and gave up on this goal."

Think about yourself for a minute. What's something you've been holding onto, for reasons that may not be obvious to others? An old ex-boyfriend's clothing or a china set passed down from your grandmother. These may be items that you are not using, but are taking up space. Let me share something with you: Getting rid of it only makes space for something else to come in.

What do I mean by that? Well, let's take my friend. She isn't using the clothes. They aren't serving her in any way; rather, they are taking up room under her bed, collecting cat furballs and dust. She could have other clothes that fit her NOW, that make her feel good about herself NOW. Every time she looks at those clothes, she doesn't get an empowered or positive feeling. She feels guilt that she doesn't fit in them. She feels unhappy because she thinks there is something wrong with her. That is one of the ways your items bring energy into your home. These clothes definitely are not positive energy.

Your ex's stuff might bring back a brief happy moment, but--hey are your ex for a reason. The rest of that usually comes up with it. You really loved your grandma, but all that china set does is frustrate you because you don't like it enough to use, so it sits useless in your cabinet. There may be good intentions behind why you keep these items, but at the end of it, you're left with bad feelings. What may seem like just a bittersweet memory is actually a subtle form of self abuse that impacts the energy of our space and our minds. 

Belongings are not love. It's as if we pack our lives with stuff, so that we can replace relationships and feelings, as though we are insulating and protecting ourselves. Ever throw something away that you held for a long time and had a lot of feelings behind it? You feel exposed for a minute, like you have nothing to hide behind. You have to actually feel those feelings and get through it.

And then eventually, you forget about it because you don't have to see or be reminded of it everyday. Letting go allows new things to come in. When you create a space, the universe has to fill it with something. You're only making room for good things to come in. You have to be willing to let go of what is holding you back.

We are not defined by physical objects. We do not have to hold onto items to remind us of who we are. My friend has decided to donate the clothes, because when she gets to her goal weight, she wants new things to decorate herself with--not clothing that was hidden under the bed for several years. Cleaning out your past only makes room for your future.