Who Are You Trying to Change?

I was recently working with a corporate client, which is a totally different experience than working in someone's home. There are many decision makers and no decision makers all at the same time. Ultimately, no one is very attached to the items they need to get rid of. While it may be hard to understand how certain departments need to function until I speak to the right person, it's a much easier process to declutter and organize, as it's rarely emotionally charged.

It's not unusual for an employee to ask me about what I do and if I do it in people's homes. So funny for someone to ask this, but their experience of me has only been in an office environment. Many employees have said, "Will you go to my mother's house?". Most people would expect me to say "Yes, of course", but I don't. My questions to them is "Does your mother think she needs me?".

I work with people who are frustrated with their current situation and are ready for a transformation. If my client is not ready, it's a very bad experience for both of us. When friends or strangers ask me to help a loved one, I ask a series of questions in order to get some clarity around why is it so important to them that their mother, husband, brother, friend get organized? 

We tend to criticize in others what we don't like about ourselves. Let that sink in for a minute.

This week, do a self-study. What is something that bothers you with someone else? And why does it bother you? What would the impact be on you if you were able to change them? We tend to focus on others when we don't want to look at our own life. This doesn't necessarily translate to you being unorganized per se, but you may be avoiding looking at deeper issues like the dissatisfaction in your job or love life and it's seems easier to fix other people. Self-awareness is the beginning of self-peace.

Also, take note of the flip side: when someone criticizes you directly, step away from it being about you and reflect on what it might mean about them. This is a great way to create empathy instead of reacting to the criticism and can change the entire outcome of the conversation.

Remember, you can manage you. You can't manage someone else. Acknowledge it, address it, and let it go. Don't let any negativity cloud your space!