A Beautiful Mess

Oh, the cherry blossoms, such a sight to behold! Each year I delight in the few trees I am lucky enough to have on my block. Of course, I love to catch them in full bloom, but seeing the beautiful mess they leave behind makes me happy too. It’s nature’s confetti, perfectly biodegradable and celebratory all at once.

I consider moving to be a beautiful mess. The mess part is obvious and the beauty is in the possibility of a fresh start. A clean slate. We get to begin again.

As we’ve all heard, moving house is ranked right up there with death and divorce as one of life’s biggest stressors.  Having helped many of my clients prepare for moving as well as getting them settled in the new space, I’m happy to share with you my best tips for making this monumental task manageable.

  1. Plan ahead: the last minuteness of a move is where the chaos is created.   The best way to begin is by decluttering and purging as soon as you decide to move.  This energetic shift creates momentum for the upcoming move and gives fresh eyes on all that you own. When we can look at what we are holding on to objectively, we are able to make better decisions about whether or not it’s suited for the new space.  When we wait until the last minute, we are too distracted and emotionally sensitive to make all of these decisions at once and typically, we will move unnecessary items that may live in boxes for years to come.

  2. Get help: Should I pay for the movers to pack up my home? YES!  Should I pay for the movers unpack? YES! Should I hire someone to oversee the move? YES!  

    Many of my clients are overwhelmed by the cost of moving and it appears that every “little” thing has a fee associated with it. While this may be true, what you’re paying for is the time it saves. Certainly, you are capable of packing up your home, but I guarantee you will underestimate how long it will take. Unpacking also seems doable, but when facing piles of lingering boxes after an exhausting day of moving, most households who unpack on their own report taking at least a month to get settled.

    By hiring an organizer that specializes in moving management, they direct and coordinate all facets of moving day from where to put the boxes, making sure they’re emptied quickly and removed by the movers, and strategizing solutions when a Plan B is needed. The expertise of organizing helps the home start off on the right foot as everything will have a place to live. Because the management team isn’t emotionally involved, they have the ability to expedite a 3500 square foot move-in project in 2 - 5 days. When weighing the moving costs, figure out how much a month of your time is worth first.

  3. Be flexible: Nine times out of ten, moving day will not go as expected. While our emotions are in overdrive, it’s easy to freak out over small things. Take a moment to process whatever obstacle arrives and then ask the person who delivers the news, “What can we do?”.  This takes us out of the problem so we can be open to solutions. Very often, things are working in our favor when we are open to that possibility.

The discomfort of uncertainty and vulnerability that comes along with this stressful time is easily balanced with the right mindset and help leading into it. It’s a temporary situation. Before you know it, you’re back to the routine of life. The choice that needs to be made is how long you’re willing to live in the temporary mess and whether or not you can see the beauty in it.

Have you moved recently? What’s your best tip?

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