The Space Between

In early December Clear Space was hired to help a family move in to their beautiful new home. December typically being a slow time of year, and as we were planning on a quiet Christmas at home, I was available to assemble my team to help them get settled

This was the first year I had consistent business, one job leading into the next and at one point, 5 projects going at once. Between my clients and editing my book, I didn’t have much time to myself. Sure, I traveled a bunch and had great adventures, but those trips aren’t always as restorative as I’d like them to be.  By early January, I was pretty burnt out.

I asked my dear childhood friend Erinn if she wanted to plan a weekend escape but I already knew I didn’t have it in me to research and plan where to go. Within a few hours, I texted her back and said, “or I could just spend the weekend in your bed”.  Erinn lives in the Hudson Valley, across the river from where we grew up. My family moved away over 25 years ago and spending time with her is the closest thing I have to feeling like I’m going back home. We spent a lot of our teenage years laying around in her room, listening to music, talking about life and boys. It’s funny how easily we can time travel and enjoy the simplicity of laying around and chatting.


That weekend was just the break I needed, the space to breathe and let go of all the clutter in my brain. I came back with clarity and a renewed vision for my business and my book. It’s so easy to look at this from the position of the work that I do, creating space. Whether physical or mental, we need the space between stuff, clients, thoughts and words. Music would be nothing without pauses. Because that is where the magic happens, when intuition lights up and says, “Hey! Over here!”

The value of going through the dark is that it’s becomes quite easy to see the light and find a new direction. While most of us believe this happens by continuously pushing forward, it’s actually through pausing, releasing control and allowing yourself to be guided that offers a new perspective.

Have you been wading and pushing through something in your life and finally let go? Please share with us in the comments.

Becky LinotComment