Baby Sea Turtles!

It’s hard to believe how much has happened in my life since I started writing Consciously Creating Clear Space six months ago. Those who have been cheering me on in the Facebook group know that the title occurred to me several months ago and it still feels right. I’m currently in the editing phase which is a completely new process for me. The momentum has slowed a bit and I am doing my best to be patient with myself and get the message truly clear, motivational and relevant.

The most significant realization while writing is that I didn’t expect for the book to have a life of it’s own. My adventures unexpectedly gave me lessons that had to be included and expanded the scope of the message I am putting out into the world.

Last December, I traveled to Nicaragua with Chantelle Adams as part of her Courage Ignited retreat with 11 other women. These women are all up to great things in this world and Chantelle created a beautiful combination of business, fun and adventure.


The absolute highlight of my trip was releasing baby sea turtles almost every evening at sunset, almost 1000 were released the week we were there. Donald Montgomery, founder of Monty’s Beach Lodge, created a hatchery on his property in hopes of keeping these beautiful creatures safe from extinction.

To be able to witness these creatures as they emerge from their shells was fascinating, they are ready to go from that first moment, instinctually tracking themselves towards the ocean. Their strength was surprising and I fell in love with each and every one of them.

We all seem to know about the plastic that washes up on the beaches and the “island of trash” floating out in the Pacific and more recently, in the Caribbean. I keep coming back to the thought that this is just the trash that is floating, the stuff that is visible. There is so much more garbage that we don't even talk about that is below the surface and all over the ocean floor.

We learned from Monty’s that only one in a thousand sea turtles will make it to adulthood. Sure, there are a lot of predators out there who will prey on them, but I became acutely aware that the disposable plastic straw that is offered to me for my iced coffee or green juice, that I don’t think much about, is a big factor in marine life. While I wouldn’t dream of littering or throwing plastic into the ocean, as a society we need to learn that by simply using these items, even when we dispose of them “correctly”, we are a part of the problem. 

The goal of Consciously Creating Clear Space is to help people learn how to live surrounded by only the things that light them up, how to create systems of order that work the way their brain does and live in a home environment that truly feels customized to them. In addition, I implore my readers to think globally with each purchase they are making or items they are unconsciously using. If we could all think a few steps ahead before we buy something, these very small shifts that we will hardly notice in our lives, have the power to save the planet.


My commitment is to give up buying beverages to go while I’m out and about. I carry my reusable water bottle with me and I’ll be sure to have paper straws in my bag *just in case* I need a green juice on the run.

In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing more about my Nicaraguan adventures and lessons, and more updates about the book. In the meantime, please tell me in the comments below: 

What is one small shift you can make in your life today?