My New Favorite Drawer

Here’s my latest favorite solution to a crowded desk. A drawer dedicated to be empty most of the time, which allows me to unpack my handbag, store my laptop, consulting tools and notebook, all the items that regularly took up valuable real estate on my desk. I have a large desk, about 6′ long and it was generally full. The struggle started with both cats laying around any open space, and then my laptop and handbag contents would eventually end up on my desk.

It never occurred to me how amazing this solution could be until after I installed these elfa drawers and realized that I had an empty drawer. Now, don’t misunderstand, this could have easily become a drawer for extra notebooks, tools, etc, but the whole reason for having this new system was to have the things I need readily available at my fingertips, allow storage for supplies I removed from my closet to make way for coat storage, and to have a clear desk surface to focus on the project at hand.

I am a big handbag switcher as I like to coordinate with each outfit and I don’t like forgetting any of my essentials.  I picked up these cute mesh zip pouches to keep all my bags organized and allows me to be my brand when I need to find a pen, lip gloss or a business card without having to dig through a bottomless pit.

My last favorite drawer (still a fav!) inspired this idea. This is the drawer I go to whenever I leave the house – it holds my keys, gloves, sunglasses, all the necessities:

If you find yourself scrambling to leave the house and forget your keys, phone or lip gloss regularly, putting systems like these in place will change your life. Try it out in the new year!