Create a vision for your space

VISUALIZE  (Stage 1)

  • Visualization Questionnaire completed prior to Visualization Session to understand your style and needs

  • 2 hour Visualizing Session where Smith Banfield “tours” your home (via Skype) and gets a holistic understanding of your space, your needs, your desires, your style and all of the realities that are creating your current space

  • Ongoing brainstorming, suggestions, ideating and recommended resources throughout the Visualizing Session

    • We recommend you take notes as you will be given a ton of great ideas during your time with Smith!


$750 for any space under 1500 sq ft / 2 hour session

$1000 for any space over 1500 sq ft / 3 hour session

All work and sessions happen virtually
-Option for In Person Meetings at a Premium Rate.

$500 In Person Premium if you live in Manhattan or Brooklyn*
$750 In Person Premium if you live in New Jersey or Long Island*
*In Person Premium is per session (as opposed to per package)