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Smith works with individuals who are overwhelmed by their belongings, feel stuck and uninspired by their environment and are ready to step into a new way of being in their space. 

She believes that our wellness is directly connected to what we are surrounded by. Through visualizing and creating an inspiring environment, the results are life-changing.

As a partner of the Container Store, Smith has been in more than 300 homes in the past 3 years understanding firsthand the stress and strain people living in overcrowded and under-visualized spaces are feeling. 

After working with Smith, her clients experience a shift in their beliefs about what they've been holding onto, a renewed energy in their space and the ability to find anything they need in under a minute. 

As a straight shooting speaker, Smith gets to the stuff beneath the stuff. During her presentation she's able to go deep into the mindset, the emotion behind the clutter. She's not there to judge and enforce strict organizing rules, but rather help people make actual change in their lives, not just on the surface. 


- create a vision for your space

- identify your habits and patterns around clutter

- connect-the-dots between clutter, shopping and debt with strategies to break the cycle


Our society is living behind the chaos. We need to stop shopping for and holding onto stuff to fill the voids in our lives. Because stuff isn't love. I believe that creating clear space we allow and bring into our lives what we truly desire by letting go of all the rest. - Smith Banfield