Build the plan to bring your vision to life

Based on the information and ideas that surfaced during the Visualization Session, Smith will take those ideas and ORGANIZE them into a clear plan to bring your space vision to life.   

You will receive:

  • A Vision Board full of recommended colors, furniture and design options that Smith recommends for your space

  • A Top Ten List of exactly what you need to do to turn your space into the Oasis you desire

  • A VISUALIZE VIDEO where Smith reviews the notes from your Visualize Session and runs through all ideas, recommendations, suggested resources and more again so that you have it recorded and available for future reference.


$1000 which will include a holistic overview of the entire space, input on closets and deep recommendations focused on your priority area.

$500 for any additional area you want an ORGANIZE Kit (Vision Board, Top 10 and Video) for.

All work and sessions happen virtually
-Option for In Person Meetings at a Premium Rate.

$500 In Person Premium if you live in Manhattan or Brooklyn*
$750 In Person Premium if you live in New Jersey or Long Island*
*In Person Premium is per session (as opposed to per package)