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 move Management


we are able to help you with:

  • relocation management

  • renovation management

  • home & office project management

  • organizing services

  • closet wizardry

  • custom millwork

  • sourcing functional & aesthetic storage solutions

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What could have been a difficult and exhausting move, was made so much easier and even enjoyable by Smith. She was lovely to work with, charming and a good listener, extremely meticulous and organized, a pleasure to have around. She made the moving process seamless and also came up with innovative solutions to some difficult challenges in our new space. We can’t recommend Clear Space more highly!

-Mikal F.

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The Clear Space team is able to get a 4000 sq ft home settled -no boxes, everything organized and in its place- in 4 Days

We come in pre-move to understand your inventory and help you purge whatever isn't coming with you to the new home. We measure all of the closets and potential storage spaces and either create designs or review the designs they have to make sure they are appropriate for their needs. We bridge the gap between where the white glove movers and interior designers leave off. 




Smith and her team had us completely unpacked and settled in our 3200 square foot home in less than 48 hours! 

With their easy communication and professional, but fun, attitude, they exceeded our expectations. While no move can be stress-free, Smith made the stress of our move significantly less. I highly recommend this service!

-Remy W.

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100% of clients give Clear Space 5 stars for:

•timely and efficient service

•surpassing expectations



•reliable and friendly team


I could not recommend Smith or Clear Space more strongly or with more confidence…

Smith not only helped me plan the details of my move, but she helped me design the space, purchase new furniture, accept my deliveries, including my belongings from Portland, as well as arrange for installation and coordination with my building. 

- Deb F.

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Along with crafting superior solutions and functional spaces for their private clients, Clear Space is known for their expertise in move and relocation management. 

With her compassionate curiosity, closet wizardry, sharp eye for detail and magical skill of creating space out of thin air, Smith and her team set their clients free from their overwhelmed homes.


I love working with Smith because she always delivers what she promises.

-Mary Ann F.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life_ (5).png
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