Believe it or not

During the past six years since Clear Space came to be, I’ve been in a continuous state of transformation. Some of the transformations have been exciting and others were like being dragged through mud. When I first started my business, I said “Everyday I take a step and hope there will be something to land on”. It was scary and filled with lessons and a lot of growth.

Over the past 18 months, while writing and editing my book, Clutter Free Forever, many, many, many times I wanted to quit. Repeatedly, I’ve said to my editor, “I’m so glad you care more than I do” as he pushed me to clarify exactly what I am trying to say.  I like fast transitions and completions and this book wasn’t allowing me to have that experience.

And then I wondered, was it the book, or was it my belief that getting a book out into the world was hard? After doing some deep digging around this, I did find my limiting beliefs and I was able to move forward again.

Over two years ago I became a certified practitioner in Theta Healing. The way I apply this training in my work with my clients and myself is by working on a deeper level of consciousness. By addressing the subconscious mind, we’re able to create rapid and miraculous changes where we find stuck energy.  

It’s wonderful that changing core beliefs is becoming a mainstream conversation. What I like about what I’m doing is by addressing beliefs on all of our levels: genetic, historical and soul, we can make radical change in our lives. Many of these beliefs come up often when we are setting up a new home, how we use our home and the stuff we keep in it. By deeply questioning “what is”, my clients have fast and powerful shifts in beliefs they didn’t even know they held. This allows them the freedom to let go of the items from their past that aren’t serving them and choose how they want to be living in the present.

This Sunday, April 28 at 11am EST, I hope you will join me for my free webinar: Overcome Clutter by Changing Your Beliefs where I will go more deeply into how our beliefs hold us back from living the life we want to live right now. I’d love to share this valuable information with you!

Sign up below for the opportunity to chat with me on this engaging and interactive Zoom session where I will share my strategies for shifting the beliefs and habits which is the key to creating the clutter free lifestyle you’ve been longing for.

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I can’t wait!

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