Guided Clarity

This is for those of you who need one-on-one attention with a personalized plan and support throughout your project. This isn’t limited to clutter, Smith helps people not only purge and get organized, but pushes them to transform their space into a true reflection of themselves.

Smith will get to know you and your needs and guide you with the necessary steps to turn your space into an oasis! 

All work and sessions are virtual (FaceTime/Skype) and begin with $750 Visualize Session.

Custom pricing, including option for In-Person Meetings, at a Premium Rate.


Step 1 - Visualize:

This step in working with Smith will allow you to see your space through the lens of solutions rather than problems.

You will receive:

  • 2-hour virtual Visualizing Session where Smith Banfield “tours” your home and gets a holistic understanding of your space, needs, desires, style and all of the realities that are creating your current space

  • While Smith will see your entire space, the focus will be on one main area that is causing the most stress for you. If you aren’t sure what that area is, no worries, Smith will suggest what it might be. 

  • Ongoing brainstorming, suggestions, ideating and recommended resources throughout the Visualizing Session - have a notebook handy as you will be given a ton of great ideas during your time with Smith!

Step 2 - Organize: (optional)

If you want an action plan to take the feedback and ideas from your Visualize session, you Organize! Based on the information and ideas that surfaced during the Visualization Session, Smith will take those ideas and ORGANIZE them into a clear action plan to bring your space vision to life.   

You will receive:

  • Top 10 list of exactly what you need to do to turn your space into the Oasis you desire
  • Vision board full of recommended colors, furniture and design options that Smith recommends for your main space, with an option to add on more spaces. 

  • Visualize video where Smith reviews the notes from your Visualize Session and runs through all ideas, recommendations, suggested resources and more again so that you have it recorded and available for future reference.

Step 3: Beautify (optional)

There are 3 options in the BEAUTIFY step:

  • Option 1:   Do-It-Yourself - once you are armed with a great Visualization Session and an optional Organize Kit for your space - you can take the inspiration, learning and ideas you gained from Smith and bring it to life yourself!

  • Option 2:  Support - You can speak with Smith weekly or monthly (2 month minimum) for BEAUTIFY calls - where you can bring your questions, ideas and concerns to Smith for her expert advice.  These calls also help you stay on track with your project with an extra dose of accountability!

  • Option 3:  Produce - If you need Smith, or someone from her team, to implement the plans in the ORGANIZE Kit you will need to invest in the Produce option. Although Clear Space does not serve as a general contractor nor a personal assistant, we are happy to oversee your project if we are a good fit for your space transformation.