Do the plan and transform your space!

  • Option 1:   Do-It-Yourself - once you are armed with a great Visualization Session and an optional Organize Kit for your space - you can take the inspiration, learning and ideas you gained from Smith and bring it to life yourself.

    • No Cost

  • Option 2:  Support - You can speak with Smith weekly or monthly for BEAUTIFY calls - where you can bring your questions, ideas, concerns etc to Smith for her expert advice. These calls also help you stay on track with your project with an extra dose of accountability!

    • $300 / month for monthly BEAUTIFY calls (minimum 2 month commitment)

    • $1000 / month for weekly BEAUTIFY calls (minimum 2 month commitment)

  • Option 3:  Produce - If you need Smith or someone from her team to actually implement the plans in the ORGANIZE Kit you might need to invest in the Produce option.  Clear Space is not a general contractor nor a personal assistant - but for some projects we agree to oversee the space transformation.

    • Each project quoted based on specific needs (see Beautify / Produce Addendum) 

All work and sessions happen virtually
-Option for In Person Meetings at a Premium Rate.

$500 In Person Premium if you live in Manhattan or Brooklyn*
$750 In Person Premium if you live in New Jersey or Long Island*
*In Person Premium is per session (as opposed to per package)