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Smith Banfield, founder of Clear Space, lives and works in New York City where she and her company are known for her skill in crafting superior solutions and functional spaces for her private clients. With her compassionate curiosity, closet wizardry, sharp eye for detail and magical skill of creating space out of thin air, Smith sets her clients free from their overwhelmed homes.

Smith has collaborated with The Container Store and though their partnership, she has been in over four hundred homes in just four years. From penthouses to a suburban family homes, Smith has seen it all.

Smith’s clients experience a shift in their beliefs about their belongings which gives them the permission to let go of what no longer serves them. They come to know a new peace in their home and a renewed sense of possibilities, as well as the ability to find anything they need in under a minute.

Smith believes we can all be clutter free forever. Through her practical strategies, innovative ideas and online programs she teaches people how to tackle their clutter once and for all and, more important, how to prevent the clutter cycle from returning.

Smith believes that our wellness is directly connected to what we are surrounded by, whether in our homes or the world. Her ability to visualize and create inspiring environments, and bring consciousness to choices we make about what surrounds us, generates results that are absolutely life-changing.